May I Present The Feet Of Miss Ava Addams!

“It’s important for a man to lavish me with attention and gifts if he expects me to ravish him with my feet and mouth,” Ava Said. “I don’t mind if a man is into feet and legs. I find it to be erotic that a man would want to worship[…]

  1. Shawn: I would love to suck those beautiful, sexy toes!

    • Lord Lucan: You'll have to get in line...I'm first!

  2. Shawn: I'm sure she don't mind sharing Lord Lucan. You take one foot and I'll take the other and we can…

KItty’s Creamed Feet!

Kitty Cat is beautiful, that’s an understatement. But it is no surprise. She takes very special care to keep it that way. Before she shows her arousing, beautiful legs of hers to anyone, she shaves it clean until both of them are soft like silk. After all, no self-respecting girl[…]

Dreams Of Marilyn!

This foot fanatic has always dreamed of worshipping the feet of his idol Marilyn Monroe and tonight his dreams are about to ”cum” true. Watch as Marilyn comes back life to taunt, tease and torment not with 10 but with 30 sexy toes. Watch as 6 feet slip, slide and[…]

Do They Smell Good To You?

Pink top, yellow panties, blue socks. With these youthful colors Chastity Lynn really looks like a fuckable teen. But the naughty girl have even more in store for her horny partner, and that is two slender feet ready to give a cock-blowing footjob. And all she asks for return is[…]

I Love Licking Soles!

Shannon & Tess love relaxing in the garden because that gives them the chance to kick off their shoes and walk barefoot in the grass. Of course that also gives them the opportunity to get a glimpse of each other’s delicious bare feet which can often lead to some kinky[…]

Please Cum On My Soles!

She loves it when her man fucks her feet but nothing gives her greater pleasure then when he blasts her smooth soles with shot after shot of his warm, sticky cum. That gives her an excuse to lick his sperm off her feet which gets him rock hard in an[…]

  1. Shawn: I certainly would love to cum on her soles!