My Poor Feet Ache So Much!

Being a ballerina keeps a girl on her feet all day and that makes them plenty tired, plenty sweaty and plenty pungent! At the end of a long day of practice there’s nothing Eve wants to do more than slip off her shoes, slide off her hose and massage those[…]

  1. Shawn: I would love to suck the talented toes of a ballerina!

Tall Girls Have Long Toes…Usually!

It’s a general rule of thumb (or should that be toes?) that tall girls generally have long toes and this tall beauty is no exception! Watch as she parades her pretty peds in her summery sandals from all angles giving you views of her toes that will wish you has[…]

  1. Shawn: I really love to suck on long toes! To put them deep in my mouth and feel those sexy long…

Socks On Cocks!

In this update at Magical Feet we have the sexy Madison Ivy working her gorgeous pretty toes on my home boy Alex. This babe has some huge tits, small waist, and a nice big ass that would make you wanna anal fuck her hardcore. But I gotta tell you, for[…]

Hot Lesbian Foot Action!

Take 2 foot sluts like Eva & Kyla, get them all wet & horny and put then before a camera and you have the makings of a scene that’ll blow your mind. These beauties have an insatiable lust for feet that can’t be quenched and will do just about anything[…]

Play Misty For Me!

Misty Stone and Tyler Knight had been wanting to work together since shooting a softcore sex scene for the Showtime series Zane’s Sex Chronicles. They were frustrated that they didn’t get to really have sex that time. Tyler attacked Misty’s size 8.5 feet like he was a starving man, licking[…]

Lynn Is A Sole Slut!

“Sometimes I think that my feet must be connected to my pussy,” said gymnast Lynn, giggling. “I know it sounds crazy, but the minute a guy tickles or plays with my feet, I go crazy! I have to start rubbing my feet on him while I rub my nipples because[…]