YeeHaa! It’s Foot Fucking Time!

It’s been a long , hot day down on the range so it’s time to kick back with a little r&r after a heavy day in the saddle. As Lola takes off her well worn boots he can’t help but smell the pungent aroma of her scented soles. Taking a[…]

  1. Macs Hardcore: The Serial GAPEist: "can't help but smell the pungent aroma of the scented soles." - I LOVE THAT ! ! ! !

Would You Like To Cum On Her Feet?

Evan is upset and Chloe knows how to make him happy. She gives him a dose of her feet and it seems to work. Soon enough; Evan is hard, and getting his cock stroked with her perfect toes. He then fucks her all the while sucking her lovely feet. Want[…]

  1. Macs Hardcore: The Serial GAPEist: All over Chloe's SOLES !

  2. Shawn: OOOOH! I would love to cum on her feet!

Juliana Poses Her Pretty Peds!

Juliana struts around in a bikini and then takes a dip in the pool. She slides her long legs into the cool water and lets her little piggies wiggle underwater. She lets the water caress her calves and soothe her tired soles. This tan and sexy blonde spends most of[…]

  1. Macs Hardcore: The Serial GAPEist: I want to get in a good strong whiff of Juliana's sexy soles before the pool chlorine washes away her…

Hot Lesbian Foot Fun!

Summer and her girlfriend Andy are enjoying some quiet time in bed when they notice the neighborhood creep outside their window with a video camera. They let him in with one condition: you can record, but you cannot touch! These hot babes have the creep all figured out when they[…]

Shoes Can Be Fun!

“The second I saw my neighbor I knew he was a foot boy. He would always drool over my legs and compliment my shoes, especially when I wore heels. Those kinds of comments might have gone over the head of any other girl, but not me. Because I just so[…]

  1. Shawn: I love shoes, I love feet, I love feet in shoes, and I love shoes on feet!